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Count the number of F's: Another Perception Test!



Finished Files are the result of yeras ...

Amazing Illusion, isn't it? Most people count three of them, so much for perception, but it does not say anything about your IQ. Whoever counts the six 'F' the first time is a genius, four is rather frequent, five is rather rare, three is normal. Less than three, and you must change glasses ; -)

For some obscure resaons, we (or our brain) do not count the "f" in "of", maybe because the phonetic is similar to "ov", or because during (quick) reading the brain focus on "lexical" words, and not so much on "grammatical" words.

English Language

This page provides some examples how Linking words, e.g. Conjunctions are used, to connect your ideas, so that your sentences and paragraphs are coherent. Further help are these 50 Rules for Writing Good - which uses a paradoxical approach, and should be taken with a grain of salt.