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Apple versus Microsoft

Cape Canaveral - NASA has just released its latest findings with regards to the single celled organisms purportedly found on an asteroid that crashed into earth many years ago.
They have found that, in fact, the organisms originated in Mars, but the truly shocking news is a hidden message in the DNA structure of the 'bug' that translates, roughly, into the following statement "Copyright Microsoft Bio-Engineering Division, Stardate 2132.9"

Needless to say, the scientific community has split into several camps, one saying the translation is incorrect and caused by a bug in Intel's new Pentium Pro chip, which was used to decode the mathematical algorithm in the DNA strand, another saying, basically, "See? It's all a conspiracy started by Bill Gates eons ago", and the last saying he's such a smart and succesful guy we should have expected a revelation like this a long, long time ago.

The spiritual camps have split as well, between those that believe this is proof that Mr. Gates is the antichrist, those that don't think there is any proof that he is real, and those that are just not sure.

Apple Computer's comment was that they had manufactured such an organism on Stardate 2132.8 and that the discovery was overrated, in fact they said their's was *not* a 'bug'.

Mr. Gates was not available for comment, Microsoft stock is up 3 1/2.