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Computer Problems

No picture, no tone, the computer does not start anymore? And the tips & tricks section of manual does not help? The work with the PC or notebook becomes ever more ponderous. Constantly error messages and blue screens appear, or Windows start up again without warning. Such problems lead to long waiting periods in the hotline.
Whether software or hardware refuses its service, this form is universally applicable, in order to present the problem to the IT experts, completely independently of the source of the error.

Computer Troubleshooting Report Form

Trying to track down and resolve technical problems on your computer is, undeniably, one of life's most frustrating experiences. To help you through the process, please fill out the computer troubleshooting report below.
After dispatching it, our certified technicians will contact you shortly, and solve the most persistent PC, hardware, software, and peripheral problems.
Tip: Complete all answers all in this template before submitting, incomplete forms will be ignored.

Please describe the problem:

Now describe the problem without annoying comments:

Here you can widely speculate, what the crux of the matter is:

How important is the problem?

A matter of life and deathExtremely important

Unbelievably importantUltimately important

Now, how important is the problem really!?

Not importantNot important at all

So not importantCan go to the bottom of the pile

Type of problem.

I haven't got a clueThe computer is not working

It has crashedIt just doesn't work

I never really had a clueIt smells funny

Is the computer plugged in?


Is the computer switched on?


The screen too?


Have you tried to solve the problem yourself?

YesKind of

Did that make it worse?


Has a colleague, who "knows all about computers" tried to solve the problem?


Did that make it even worse?


Have you read the manual?


Be honest. Did you really read the manual?


Yes, the cover 

Are you absolutely sure that you read the manual?

No, but my colleague did ... 

In case you really did read the manual, did you understand it?


If so, please explain why you could not solve the problem yourself.

What were you doing when the problem occurred?

If you answered "nothing", please explain why the computer is switched on.

Does the display of your VCR show a flashing 12:00?


If yes, what is a VCR?

Do you have an impartial witness for your problem?

Is the computer on fire?

YesNot yet ...

Do you have any electronic appliances at all that work fine?


Is there anyone you can blame for this problem if it turns out that you caused the problem?

SureDamn it, no

If your answer is "No": Are you sure that you are not just imagining the problem?

NoNow you come to mention it ...

Did you give the computer a good bashing

YesNot in the last 3 minutes

Do you trust the capabilities of your IT experts?


Why are you completing this form???

And, finally, the most important question: Are you a woman?





This questionnaire is available as PDF (140KB) for download: Form to find a solution for computer & software problems form of all kinds.

Tips & Tricks: this so-called "Adobe PDF-Form" has not to be printed out by the user. It can be filled out, worked on, stored locally, and passed on electronically with the current “Adobe Reader” (without any further software installations).
Users can send the filled out form directly via email to IT departments or service hotlines, which can automatically transfer the answers into the appropriate ticket system (Help Desk data base) and start to analyze the problem and find a solution.